Service is not just a word

We are trustworthy anchors to all of our patients, and excellent service is at the core of every part of our practice.

We listen and then act

It is essential that we give you the time needed to tell your story. We collect all the information that is needed to give sound advice.

Kind but firm

We are focusing on treating all patients with respect and dignity. We are always kind but firm when needed.

Medical Aid Claim

Upper & Lower Prosthetics

Limb prostheses are claimable from your medical aid from the prosthetic benefits and NOT day to day benefits.

Breast Prosthesis

Breast prosthesis are claimable from your medical aid from the prosthetic benefits and NOT day to day benefits. 

Custom Wheelchairs

Depending on the type of wheelchair a portion or the entire wheelchair is claimable. Special application can be done by most medical aids.


We strive to bring the latest techniques and technology to our clients, no matter their financial situation and serve them in the following areas:

  1. Basic professional seating

  2. Sport prosthesis

  3. C-leg/ C-leg 4

  4. Dynamic vacuum system

  5. International mobility solutions/International Electric mobility solutions

  6. Kenevo expert

  7. MyoBock Below elbow

  8. MyoBock Above elbow

  9. Triton smart ankle

A Word From Our Clients


Christiaan du Plessis

I’ve Studied in Pretoria where I did my B-Tech degree, after which I worked in Cape Town at Conradie and Groote Schuur hospital where I trained in Corrective spinal bracing and prosthesis. My sweet spot is my practice where I find fulfillment in my work. I’ve realised that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Thus I work with all patients regardless of their age and gender or whether it is for a short or long term.

My profession is very unique because it combines art with science and compassion. I prefer to meet my patients emotionally where they are, learning who they are, listening to what they want and trying my best to meet their expectations. I listen to what they are and what they are not saying. Listen, listen, listen – trying to cherish my patient’s needs and not only considering what the problem is. I believe in my emotional intelligence enough to judge situations and patients in the correct way. I realise that my business is about them and not me.

I am a keen gardener, devoted dog owner, and a very proud husband.