After surgery involving lymph nodes, some women may experience a condition known as lymphedema, or a swelling of one or both arms. We offer a range of compression garment styles including elastic two-way stretch sleeves worn under clothing during the day and padded, custom-fitted garments with stitching to guide the flow of lymph. Other styles have features that soften fibrotic tissues and all are available in stock sizes or can be custom-ordered.


When you are ready, our Certified Mastectomy Fitters will work with you to determine which mastectomy bras offer the best fit for your needs. Mastectomy bras are available in many different sizes, styles and colours and are designed with pockets on the inside to hold breast forms in place. Although with some breast prostheses you can wear a regular bra, they have not been designed to meet the specific needs of most prosthetic wearers. 

Treated carefully, most breast prostheses are very durable. They should be cleaned with warm water and mild soap and gently air dried. When not in use, storing them in their cradle helps maintain their shape and prevents accidental damage. Most manufacturers guarantee standard breast forms for one year, and the fit of a breast prosthesis should be checked annually.