Medical Aid Claim

Breast prostheses are claimable from your medical aid from the prosthetic benefits and NOT day to day benefits. 


Care following conservative treatment.

SILIMA partials breast forms restore the natural symmetric contour of the bust following conservative breast surgery or extensive oncoplastic surgery with resulting aesthetic deficits. If the result of conservative or oncoplastic surgery is aesthetically unsatisfactory, SILIMA partial breast forms can reproduce a natural, symmetric bust contour. Equally, if surgery entails several operations, they can serve as an interim solution. SILIMA partial forms come in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses, allowing our patients a perfect fit that is superbly comfortable and guarantees maximum freedom of movement.

SILIMA SHELL (Shell form)

Non-adhesive shell form for compensating unevenness:
  • Worn directly on the skin with no irritation
  • Flat, natural transition with no bumps on the end or curvatures
  • Anatomical, symmetric shape mirrors the curvature of the chest wall
  • Restores the natural shape and confidence

SILIMA CONFORM (Ultra-soft semi-partial form)

A particularly aesthetic soft and smooth fitting form:
  • Velvety matt outer skin
  • Thin, softly tapering edge for smooth transition
  • Predominantly soft inner layer made of transparent silicone
  • Perfect for sensitive scar tissue and suitable for initial care
  • The standard cup has a deep hollow on the underside, this is ideal for less tissue damage 
  • The full cup has a shallower hollow, this is ideal to compensate for a greater loss 
  • Best worn directly on the skin
SILIMA breast forms without lateral extension (symmetric)

A less severe mastectomy removes the mammary tissue and some lymph nodes around the bust, while leaving the pectoral muscle and other lymph nodes. This procedure results in no, or only minimal, loss of underarm tissue. In this case, a SILIMA breast form without a prominent lateral extension is the best solution. 

SILIMA breast forms with lateral extension (asymmetric)

A modified radical mastectomy removes not just the mammary gland and fatty tissue, but also the lymph nodes under the arm, resulting in a visible loss of underarm tissue. A SILIMA breast form with a lateral flare that extends under the arm is especially good for this. 


SILIMA Embrace – Extra-soft lightweight form

Patent-protected three-layer design for enhanced comfort:

  • Lightweight silicone core with naturally soft cup and silky-soft inner layer 
  • Up to 30% lighter than the normal gel forms 
  • Adapts to fit the thoracic wall with ease, ideally suited for sensitive scar tissue 
  • Looks lightweight, thanks to the transparent inner layer 
  • Adapts naturally to all body movements, whether standing, sitting or lying down 
  • Symmetric shape, adapts to become asymmetric 
  • Gently tapers to the neckline and underarm area 
  • The curve fills the lower breast area particularly well and stops the form from rubbing against the remaining natural breast


Extra-soft lightweight form

Very soft and natural:

  • Softly rounded, symmetric form
  • Nestles beautifully in a bra
  • Wide choice of cups for the best possible compensation of moderate and fuller busts 


Extra lightweight form – perfect compensation that feels weightless

Perfect compensation that feels weightless:

  • 2- layer breast form
  • Weighs up to 60% less than conventional gel forms thanks to the use of special lightweight silicone
  • Unique ring- formed design guarantees stability as well as natural movement
  • Deeply hollowed underside to protect the sensitive scar area
  • Underside edge finish ensures good air circulation
  • Water drains off easily when swimming
  • Anatomical, symmetric shape
  • Particularly suitable for patients with lymphoedema
  • A good solution even if considerable amounts of tissue are removed during conservative surgery

SILIMA LIGHT (Triform light)

Lightweight form – ideal for women with lymphoedema or larger bust, or for particularly active women

Ideal for women with lymphoedema or a larger bust, or for particularly active women:

  • Three- layer breast form 
  • Depending on size and cup, up to 30% lighter than the standard silicone forms 
  • Special lightweight silicone core encased in standard silicone 
  • Natural movement 
  • Mirrors the natural curvature of the chest wall 
  • Flat natural curvature 
  • Gentle, crease-free fit 
  • Can be worn either in a pocket or directly on the skin 
  • For patients without underarm tissue loss, and for slender women 
  • Ideal for women with lymphoedema or a larger bust, or for particularly active women